Frequently Ask Questions

Q. When built on site; are these cabins still transportable?

A. Yes all our buildings are transportable.


Q. Do these buildings need a permit?

A. Cabins under 10sq meters do not require a building permit.

Our cabins over 10sq meters are built on wheels & a draw bar.

Check with your local council on the bylaws for the larger caravans.


Q. If we wanted to paint our cabin, would the cost be taken out?

A. Yes, we charge for the paint only. All our cabins are painted as a courtesy, in one neutral colour.


Q. If i have a toilet & shower in my cabin; where does the waste go?

A. We can put in a Sani Pac which mulches and pumps up to 40mtrs away, we recommend that you have a removable tank on wheels, where you can drive it away and dump into your local dump station.


Q. Does my site have to be level?

A. We level up the cabin for you.


Q. Do i need water & power onsite?

A. Yes, as we would need to do a water & power check, make sure every thing is working fine.


Q. When i move in to my cabin what will i need?

A. Curtains, Gas Bottle, Wardrobe shelving kit.


Q. What is a Cavity Slider?

A. Cavity Slider is a door that is unseen, it slides into the wall